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In 2017, I joined creative + wellness forces with Jill Willard and Amanda Chase. In addition to motherhood and my thriving styling career, I am called-on to expand deeper into creative and wellness endeavors which support growth through mental, spiritual, emotional and physical awarenesses. As a mother, I crave connection with my sons - actually to all those in my life. I thrive on connection! In tender moments of parenting, I strive to understand my emotional and mental capacities - as well as theirs. Understanding their levels of emotional and mental development offers me insight into an authentic world of connection. Learning Jill's teaching about these developments are fascinating and beneficial to beings on so many levels.

More recently I have been contributing creatively to wellness brands my keen-eye for detail and thorough centeredness. Jill, Amanda and I are coming together creatively to rebrand Jill's companies - IM Community and The Present Program. Both programs teach you to see, feel and understand the link of internal mind awareness, and how to translate this understanding into outer peace and emotional joy. 

These women and their work in the world are truly authentic and inspiring. Jill is a coveted leader in both the intuitive and meditation movement. You may have read her mindfulness features on Goop. Her book Intuitive Being offers great insights to the extremely powerful part of our mind, connecting us to our intuition. Jill loves to assist in internal and external support to help you learn to trust your gut - all while taking care of our body and mind. She's been my intuitive healer for almost 10 years and contributed to my spiritual and emotional growth. Jill is the kindest of beings and continuously offers gentle truths, ultimately guiding you to your golden intuition. Jill is currently working on her next book, out in 2019. You can find her teaching locally, across the United States and on IMCommunity - a meditation platform to help people everywhere live with present energy. 

Jill Willard

Author + Intuitive 

Amanda Chase is the founder of AC. Creative, a full-service creative services company with a unique focus in the holistic wellness industry and the Founder of Coconut Yoga, a playful and nurturing children’s wellness + yoga class - currently taught at WMN SPACE. She is the next generation of confidence, wisdom and total presence - a fresh reminder that the younger consciousness is fully awake! 


Holistic Brand Creative Consultant 

I am grateful for these beaming creative and insightful pillars. Who are your pillars? Please share! Women everywhere are to be celebrated.

Love Magnetized,



photos: Jill Willard + Cassidy Baine