Holistic products and holders of space continue to inspire me to anchor to my steady practice of expansion. In the #LifeMagnetized Series, I'm sharing the who, the how, the what and the where - all the people + elements supporting my healthy oath - simple reminders to hold my practice steady + true!

Kefir Water

Kefir Water


Sips Kefir Water

Pages The Whole-Brain Child  by Daniel J. Siegel + Tina Payne Bryson

Informing me on how brain functions and emotions are inter-connected and basically the most important element in parenting.


Meditates, UNBLOCKED OPULENCE  Free + Native by Lacy Phillips


Listens Panama - I Watched You Slip

I'm hip!

Loves Copper Tongue Scraper

Having major dental work, so majorly wanting a good report card from my dentist.


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