Intended encouters

Personal and shared life experiences inspire everything Leona creates. With an enthusiastic sense of adventure, Leona is happiest surrounded by ancient mysticism, creative art, story telling, diverse cultures, raw nature and intended encounters. 

A native of Los Angeles, California, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina she has traveled through Greece, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Panama and through-out the United States. Leona takes her inspiration from the spirit of a destination and the essence of a culture.

It takes an inquisitive spirit to routinely devour this much of the world. Art, fashion, history, pop-culture, films and environment create a collective palette from which her style is drawn. Interactivity with contemporary styles and story-telling through wardrobe is at the forefront of Leona's work style, but if she had to distill all her prized work moments, it would be when she is a catalyst for other women's shine. "Being on hand to help someone step into themselves - to help them feel stunning and confident, that is where my craft and gratitude collide - total illumination to liberation!"

Leona's collaborations have included many of America's top consumer goods, national commercials, syndicated television shows, coveted red carpet events, Grammy nominated artists, Oscar nominated artists and International Magazine editorials. More recently she has worked on Love on Netflix, with The Home Depot, The Real World Road Rules Challenge Aftershows on MTV and Twinning on VH1.