In The Company of Earth Elements

I had the grounding experience of joining an ancient Peruvian tradition, a Despacho Ceremony, where beings gather in a circle to offer humility and gratitude to Mother Earth or Pacha Mama. Flowers, seeds, sweets, herbs and leaves are displayed in hand-made ceramic bowls. Our beautiful guide and part time Peruvian native, Hannah Rae Porst led the ceremony and called on us to intuit our most sacred prayers and blessings. We began with a prayer to the North, South, East and West. Another to the Pacha Mama and finishing with a prayer to Father Sky. We were encouraged to release thoughts and habits that no longer serve us. We were encouraged to call-in all that we are ready to receive. The event was graciously hosted by MA founder, Brooke Lichtenstein. A unique moment in time for us all as we listened supportively and shared our heart-centered prayers. 


As a working mother of two young boys, my moments move fast - rarely having down time to still my body or mind until late into the night. There are moments of ease, but there are also moments of tension. Tightness. Rallying for two energetic boys, a hands-on husband, a beautiful home, a thriving career, treasured friendships and my Self is an all-in process. I take on meditation, emotional awareness and conscious parenting to navigate those tight moments, but I am seeking to infuse more ease into Being.

In the company of Earth Elements, authentic women and Mother Earth was a reminder that the sweet juicy nectar is for the divine using, just like a hummingbird in divine nature. Tapping into more of my natural feminine - the all consuming love and trust is how I will choose to wiggle out of the tension. As much tension as Pacha Mama has taken on over the centuries and continues to provide for us all, I can humbly offer more trust and ease to my Self, my children and my husband. 

We closed the ceremony by singing in the sun and howling to the moon. We then wrapped our flowers, seeds, sweets, herbs and leaves and offered our prayers to the fire. Released with trust and ease.