Parenting-whisperer Erica Cruz asked myself and two other amazing mothers to participate in a podcast about becoming a mother. Again. Again? Yes. Just because you've been to the rodeo before doesn't mean you remember how to ride the bull!

Erica is the Founder and Director of Homeschool Garden, an amazing center for infants and young children. Erica offers 20 plus years of knowledge and experience as well as daycare, workshops for parents and classes for infants. She is like my swiss-army knife. An encyclopedia of knowledge, warmth and support. 


Erica’s mission is to keep families grounded and cultivate optimistic parenting. Her real life experiences draw from diverse settings with groups of children from infancy through adolescence: in a preschool setting, a family day care setting, a resident camp, as a nanny, and as a mother who homeschooled her own children. During that time she became a certified RIE ™ Instructor, trained in Waldorf, and most recently she spoke at Herstory 2014 to more than 125 women and parents. Erica is dedicated to providing an environment where children and families can thrive and grow together with a foundation of mutual respect.

In episode 2 new parents again Brooke Christopher, Dorian Mains and myself join Erica to share our new children, our new family dynamics, and our 3 desires for our families. Each share, lends to the other as we all lean in with our experience, vulnerability and deep hearted thoughts. Listen in HERE and get a sense of our community.