soul with structure

Danielle LaPorte's 2017 Desire Map Planner collection is out and into the world. I say this every year: I love my day planner. I’m love using this planner system.

Blessed with a F U L L life - an energetic toddler, a house remodel, a budding career and a baby expected in early December, I've learned to surrender to living life out of balance. We live in a culture that promotes balance - which I get. But the more I strived for balance, the more irritated I was. I found surrendering to an out-of-balance mentality served me with so much grace. 

The planner offers me organization and design that works for super practical to the soulful moments that make up my schedule. I incorporates my soul and my to-do list; my gratitude and my goals; my deepest desires with my day-to-day.

How I plan my day is how I plan my life - with soul and structure.